Doggie Daycare

Bring your dog in for a day full of running around, socialising, and supervised play. Let them enjoy the grass under their paws in our open space paddocks or our pens. There is water for them to play in, trees for shade, and tons of sticks for fetching if they are so inclined.

Dogs playing around a water trough Our doggie daycare service provides a stimulating and social environment for your canine companions. It is ideal for pet owners who have busy schedules or simply want their dogs to enjoy a day filled with play, exercise, and interaction.

Dogs are social creatures, so we give them the opportunity to engage in supervised playgroups with other friendly and compatible dogs. Our experienced staff members closely monitor the play sessions to ensure a safe and positive experience for all participants.

Start of a track through rural land with fences

Your dog will have a blast whatever the weather! We have both indoor and outdoor play areas where dogs can run, jump, and explore to their heart's content. Our secure and spacious play spaces are equipped with toys, equipment, and comfortable resting areas for those much-needed nap breaks.

For the dogs that are up for it, we have regular group walks in the rural surrounds. Your dog will appreciate and benefit from the exercise and stimulation.Start of a track through rural land with fences

Your dog will have plenty of mental stimulation and personal attention and also spaces to catch their breath.

At Kosy K9s, we ensure that their individual needs, such as dietary requirements, medication administration, or special care instructions, are met throughout the day.

Give your dog the opportunity to enjoy a day of fun, socialisation, mental stimulation, and exercise at our doggy daycare.