Dog Kennels

Small (e.g. Bichon Frise)

$24 per day

Small dog (shared)

$22 per day

Medium - Large (e.g. Border collie)

$28 per day

Medium dog (shared)

$26 per day

Very large dogs (Geman shepherds, mastiffs etc)

$32 per day

Extra large (shared)

$30 per day

Doggie Day Care

$15 per day per dog


$15 per day per cat

Payment by cash, eft-pos, or credit card.

Public Holidays incur a $5 charge, per dog/cat, per day

Note: Prices and conditions subject to change without notice.

Hours for collection and delivery are between 8:00  to 11:00 am and 4:00 to 6:00 pm (5pm during Winter)  Monday to Saturday.

Sunday 9:00 am and 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (5pm during Winter)

Closed 25th,26th December and 1st, 2nd Janruary

All pets staying during Public Holidays incur a fee of $5 per pet, per day.

Please note: Opening outside of these hours will incur an opening fee of $30.

We invite pet owners to bring bedding and toys from home.

Additional services

ANNOUNCING our Doggy Day Spa Please Contact us for Prices as it varies on the dog and the work needed 

Small dog with short coat


Small dog with long coat


Medium dog with short coat


Medium dog with long coat


Large dog with short coat


Large dog with long coat


Very large dog



Payment by Cash or efpos

Charging Policy

Please note our charging policy, which is as follows:

  • We count the number of days that our guests stay with us, not the number of nights. All of our activities (feeding, cleaning and exercising, happens during the day…).
  • We charge for the day our guests arrive, irrespective of their time of arrival.
  • We charge for each day thereafter, until the day our guests leave.
  • Check out is 11:00 am, if you pick up before this time, no charge is made for that day.
  • If pick up occurs after 11:00 am, then that day is charged for.
  • Except for peak periods, it is not essential for payment to be made in advance. However, we welcome this and many customers prefer to have at least one bill already taken care of when returning from holiday!
  • A longer-term stay does require an initial and then successive payments during the stay.